Liao Keyi (pictured) travels with a full itinerary, and Xiao S thinks this is annoying.

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[Entertainment Channel/Comprehensive Report] Admiralty host Liao Keyi announced a flash marriage and then a series of cheating scandals broke out, severely damaging the high-quality image in the past.

A netizen found a clip of Liao Keyi's previous appearance on "Kangxi Is Coming". He was still in his last marriage at that time, and he blew up about his disagreement with his wife. Can't stand it.

Netizens found a clip of Liao Keyi's "Kangxi Is Coming" in 2015. He was praised by the host Cai Kangyong for his handsome appearance, "he doesn't look like a married person", and Xiao S immediately made up for it, "But I think he is an annoying "Ghost", because Liao Keyi couldn't stand the schedule of going abroad too loose, and she started to schedule the schedule at 6 in the morning, which made her unbelievable.

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Liao Keyi appeared in "Kangxi Is Coming" in 2015, and once blew up his disagreement with his wife.

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Liao Keyi explained that it is very difficult to go abroad and should not waste time on sleep. He also said that he must eat breakfast in a restaurant. He revealed that he had a disagreement with his wife on this aspect. The remarks made the female guests at the scene call "I can't stand it". Xiao S suggested that he himself Going to have breakfast, Liao Keyi thought, "It's more romantic if two people finish it together."

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