[Entertainment Channel/Comprehensive Report] Liao Keyi announced that the flash marriage anchor Qin Lingqian had a series of scandals. Regarding this, he admitted that "there is indeed some mishandling of it". , questioning "Where is Liao Keyi so handsome?" Why can many women get seasick.

Some netizens found a video of him participating in a quiz show in the past. At that time, all the actresses stood up and applauded, exclaiming "so strong".

Liao Keyi broke through 9 levels in a row and finally won a bonus of 100,000 yuan.

(Reposted from "National Star Raiders" yt)

Liao Keyi participated in "National Star Raiders" two years ago. At that time, the host Zeng Guocheng praised him. Traveling thousands of miles is better than reading thousands of books. He is "Xie Zheqing's successor" and said that he is "very handsome."

Liao Keyi broke through 9 levels in a row and finally won a bonus of 100,000 yuan. All the guests behind him stood up and applauded, but he said modestly: "It's good luck."

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Liao Keyi was praised as "handsome with layers".

(Reposted from "National Star Raiders" yt)

Although it was a video made two years ago, as Liao Keyi’s derailment in marriage and other deeds were revealed, past videos were also dug up. Many netizens commented: “You can’t judge by appearance, I really can’t see that he is such a scumbag ", "Scumbag is correct", "There are dimples, peach eyes, a smiling face, occasional shyness, and an appearance of intellectual introversion. No wonder so many girls fall down. It's a pity that such boys are not dedicated."

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