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Sam Worthington and Zooey Saldana return for the highly anticipated sequel to the top-grossing movie of all time, Avatar: Way of Water.

The two who were promoted to parents in the film also became parents outside the film. Sam said that the children did not know that he was the leading actor in the best-selling film in film history. "They thought my job was to be a father!" Zooey's children had never even watched " Avatar.

Zooey Sadana (left) and Sam Worthington return to "Avatar: Way of Water" to try to take care of their families amidst the chaos of war.

(courtesy of Disney)

There was a 13-year gap between the film and the first episode. Sam recalled that director James Cameron first said that he would make a sequel in 2013. "Jim (Cameron) contacted Zoe and me at the time and told us, 'I want to make a sequel. Now, it’s about family and expanding on Pandora,” and we’re all pretty excited because it sounds like a completely different journey than the first episode.”

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Zooey Saldana at the world premiere of "Avatar: Way of Water".

(courtesy of Disney)

When asked about the pressure of returning to the show, Zooey said that the pressure actually came from the new training, but the process was quite happy, "Because we have to act in the water, which is the first one that we haven't tried, but we know that Jim always likes challenges. Underwater filming and practicing freediving is absolutely exhilarating!"

Sam Worthington (left) with wife Lila at the world premiere of "Avatar: The Way of Water".

(courtesy of Disney)

Sam said that the theme of the sequel is protection. "Whether it's protecting your family or protecting your loved ones, it's easy to resonate and feel that sense of fear. Jim has 5 children himself, so he knows how to write such a story. story."

Zooey agreed, "Just like you worry about your child's feelings, whether they are sick or whether they will be injured when riding a bicycle, the same is true for us in the film. After all, we have to worry more about raising a family during times of war. Yes, when you love something more than yourself, "fear of losing" will become your most important thing."

Reunited again after many years, Sam praised Zooey for not changing at all, "No matter what level of success she achieves, she is still the same person, and she is still so good, so I am very excited about returning." Zooey said that whether Sam or others The crew are all great, "It's like a gift to be able to come back and work with these people who have worked with you and continue to tell a story that you love and are in."

As for whether she would take her children to see "Avatar", Zooey refused because the children were too young, "They said they wanted to watch it when they were older. My eldest son is 8 years old and the younger one is 5 years old. I will share the journey of Avatar with them in a few years, they are afraid that the cruelty in the film will be too sad, maybe it will be another two years!"

Sam Worthington (right) is delighted to be working with James Cameron again.

(courtesy of Disney)

Cameron has planned many sequels for the movie. In addition to expressing his anticipation, Sam also felt lucky to participate in it. Everyone is exploring again, and I can't wait to share it with the world!" "Avatar: The Way of Water" will be screened on Taiwan from the evening of the 14th.

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