"Reconstruction of Land and Conditions Seeing the Light of Places: 25 Practices of Community Building" gathers 25 community building stories from all over Taiwan.

(Photo by reporter Ling Meixue)

[Reporter Ling Meixue/Taipei Report] Taiwan has promoted community building for nearly 30 years, but since the National Development Council called out "the first year of local creation" in 2019, the nature and relationship between the two have yet to be clarified.

The Ministry of Culture's "Community Building Highlights Case Publishing Project" released a new book "Reconstruction of Land and Landscape: Seeing the Light of Places: 25 Practices of Community Building" yesterday (9th). It must be closely integrated with community building.”

Li Yongde explained that on the basis of community building in the past 30 years, community resources can further attract young people to return to their hometowns, create more job opportunities, and increase local output value.

That is to say, if local creation does not take root in local community building, it may be just a businessman making money, which may not be helpful to the community. Therefore, local creation must be closely integrated with the concept of community building.

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"Flood and Earth Reconstruction" brings together hundreds of partners from 25 communities in Taiwan. The action blueprint and practical experience of community building, starting from the community community awareness, in culture, landscape, industry, education, art, care and ecological sustainability, etc. In all aspects, it gathers the solidarity of the community, calls on the public to participate in public affairs and speaks for the community; and with the changing times and technological evolution, including social design, citizen technology and cross-border cooperation, various innovative models also give momentum to the community's upward improvement. Keep up with the times.

The Ministry of Culture hopes to use the 25 cases in this book to make the public better understand the work of social construction, and let all teams learn, share, and observe each other, so as to promote the sustainable development of social construction.

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