Yo-Yo Ma and Catherine accepted questions from students and shared their thoughts on music.

(Provided by Niu Er Art)

[Reporter Ling Meixue/Taipei Report] Cellist Yo-Yo Ma joined hands with pianist friend Catherine to tour Taiwan. Although the schedule is tight, a special arrangement was held for Taiwanese students yesterday (9) evening to share their thoughts on music , and also answer students' various questions about music.

Yo-Yo Ma and Catherine held a "Friends Talk" for Taiwanese students.

(Provided by Niu Er Art)

The 2 people shared 3 pieces of music before asking questions. The first piece was "Crystal" by composer Cesar Camargo Mariano, which was included in Yo-Yo Ma's 2003 album "Brazilian Fans"; The first is "Spiegel im Spiegel" by Estonian composer Arvo Pärt; the last is "Libertango", the most familiar work of Astor Piazzolla.

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The students asked two important questions. First, they asked the two masters about their practice habits.

Catherine said that she has many ways of practicing, "Sometimes it's just exploring, which makes me enjoy it, like reading a map, starting from finding the direction. I also spend a lot of time reading music, of course there are some skills that need to be maintained, just Like an athlete. Your technique is just for the music you want to express."

Yo-Yo Ma said humorously, "I'm lazy!" His old friend Catherine echoed: "It's true." But the two also added that the important thing is the general direction, that is, there must be a big-picture imagination for music, You must also be able to grasp every detail, and compare the two sides with each other. If you focus too much on small details and miss the general direction, you will get lost.

"But it's not difficult, it's like I'm talking to you, your conscious and subconscious are working at the same time."

Yo-Yo Ma pointed out that for him, the most important thing about music is "What's it about?" and "Why is it important?", and among them are skills, curiosity, experience, etc.; Catherine added, "I think curiosity is very important, such as understanding the composer and his background, and continuing to explore in many ways.

Another student asked, how to re-examine and position "music" in a modern globalized society?

Catherine believes that music is an international language, a wider way of conversation without any conversation borders, people can get comfort through music, and can also pass on knowledge; music is also a kind of sharing, which does not need to be identified and proved, "For me, Music is about uniting each other."

Yo-Yo Ma pointed out that music is a form of expressing concern, and music itself is beautiful. Yo-Yo Ma joked, "Perhaps all of you here learn music to please your teachers or parents, but nothing can arouse your interest more than music itself. It's important to pay attention; how does music affect your life? Music reveals our innermost beings, and many people can move others through something, and music is the way!" Yo-Yo Ma concluded: "Never forget that heartfelt feeling ,Music can touch the deepest part of the heart, find what is true, and you will find what is the most precious. When you have something you want to express in your heart, and the desire is too strong, you will show your truest self. "

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