The doctor suggested that it is best to use the mask according to the package. If you apply the mask every day, it may make the skin over-nourished and moisturized, causing acne problems; the picture shows the situation.

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[Health Channel/Comprehensive Report] Many people choose to apply facial masks in order to nourish their skin and skin, but be careful to apply the wrong method and it will ruin your face.

The doctor said that the wrong way to apply the mask will hurt the skin, so he listed 4 common mines, including applying a mask to sleep, applying a mask when the skin is unstable, applying a mask every day, and making a homemade mask.

Li Bingxun, chief physician of the Plastic Surgery Department of Tucheng Hospital of New Taipei City, posted on his Facebook fan page "Good texture doctor Li Bingxun, my profession, your confidence in New Taipei Banqiao Tucheng Changgeng Plastic Surgery", saying that applying a mask is a good way to maintain the skin, but if you apply it In the wrong way, not only does the appearance not improve, but it will also damage the skin, so he listed 4 common misconceptions about applying a mask.

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●Apply mask to sleep: It is recommended to apply the mask for 10-15 minutes. If you apply it for too long, the mask may take away moisture from the skin, and the more you apply it, the drier it will be.

●Apply mask to unstable skin: If allergies have already occurred and the skin is in an inflamed state, applying a mask at this time may aggravate the allergy. It is recommended to wait for the skin to stabilize or recover before applying the mask.

●Apply mask every day: Applying mask every day may make the skin over-nourished and moisturized, causing acne problems.

The mask package may write the recommended frequency of use, and it is best to follow the package.

●Homemade facial masks: Homemade facial masks used to be very popular, such as cucumber, lemon juice, turmeric, honey, etc. Some people put them in DIY facial masks, but the molecules of homemade facial masks are too large for the skin to absorb, and everyone’s skin condition Different, if the wrong raw materials are selected, it is very easy to cause skin allergies.

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