"Defenders: The Lone Ranger" starring Tom Cruise won the 2022 National Academy of Critics Award for Best Film.

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[Reporter Xu Shiying/Comprehensive Report] The 2022 National Board of Review Awards were announced today (9th) Taiwan time, and the box office champion film "Defenders: The Lone Ranger" starring "Tang Ge" Tom Cruise won the best film , the Chinese actress Michelle Yeoh, who has just been selected as the 2022 indicator person by "Time" magazine, is even more powerful with "Mum's Multiverse". Banshee won Best Actor and is almost certain to be shortlisted for next year's Oscar queen.

Michelle Yeoh won the 2022 National Academy of Review Award for Best Actress for "Mum Multiverse".

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In addition to the Best Picture and Best Actor, great director Steven Spielberg also won the best director for his semi-autobiographical film "Fabelmann", and Janelle Mengnai won the Best Supporting Actress for "Back and Back: Peeling the Cocoon". "The Banshee of Enisherin" Brandon Gleeson won the best supporting actor. The film also won the best original screenplay and was listed in the annual film. It won 4 awards on the list and became the most awarded Movie.

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Colin Farrow (right) and Brendan Gleeson won Best Actor and Best Supporting Actor, respectively, for "The Banshee of Enisherin," which was named Film of the Year and won Best Original Screenplay.

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In addition to "The Banshee of Inisherin", the 10 "Movies of the Year" in no particular order include "Sunshine", "Avatar: The Way of Water", "Mom's Multiverse", "Faberman", "Back and Back", "Uprising", "Tyr: The Death of Innocence", "The Queen" and "Women Talking", in addition, "While Standing: The Lone Ranger", which provides a great movie theater experience, also Received the "Outstanding Achievement in Photography Award".

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