Veteran actor "Axi" Chen Bozheng.

(File photo, photo by reporter Chen Yikuan)

[Entertainment Channel/Comprehensive Report] Admiralty's female partner Xie Qiongnuan recently cut off her hair and turned into an ultra-short boy's head, accidentally hitting the face of "Axi" Chen Bozheng.

Xie Qiongnuan recently cut her hair short.

(Reposted from Facebook)

Xie Qiongnuan (8) posted a post saying that she was relaxing on a trip, and posted three photos. In the photos, she is wearing a neat boy's head and holding her chin. She looks comfortable. She wrote: "Even if it is raining, you must maintain your childlike innocence Face every day with a smile." Shout out to the spirit of fans.

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Xie Qiongnuan.

(Reposted from Facebook)

After the post was published, fans left messages: "Exude wisdom, live out yourself!", "Short hair is so beautiful~", interestingly, many netizens thought she bumped into Asi: "I thought it was Chen Bozheng.", " This is not Assi!" She also responded with a smile: "I didn't mean dare I."

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