In his interview, the actor Vladimir Karamazov talks about the vicissitudes, both in his life and professionally.

He makes a firm decision that he no longer wants to deal with the acting profession.

"I am currently not dependent on absolutely anyone and for me the greatest success is that I won my freedom. I can do what I want, I can say what I want and I am not afraid of anyone and anything. And this it really gives me serious comfort. This is my biggest success for the last 10 years - both as a person and as a creator," said the actor Vladimir Karamazov, "Focus" agency reported.

"It was a very long process, but I absolutely consciously pursued this freedom," said Karamazov and added that it is not at all easy to be free, it is difficult to be independent.

Shortly before the show "The Tail", in which Karamazov is currently playing, he made a firm decision that he no longer wanted to do this profession.

And not because of the profession itself, but because of the things that happen inside, his words make clear.

"For 20 years, I endured too much. Because this is a profession in which we work together with too large a circle of people, each with their own character, each with their own problems, each with their own craziness. And at some point this already it really started to put a lot of weight on me and I broke away. And actually "The Tail" was the show that came out just before I slammed the door like that. Yavor Gurdev (aka the theater director Yavor Gurdev ), put his foot in front of that door and said "come "And I'm very glad that it happened, because nothing in a person's life is by chance," Karamazov shared.

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The actor also commented on the current topic of the scandals surrounding the "Ivan Vazov" National Theater: "Actually, at the moment, I will not say anything on this topic, for the simple reason that at the moment some things are happening there, which are some data to resolve this conflict , and that's why I don't want to add fuel to the fire. I have a strong opinion on the matter, it's very extreme. And the only thing I can say is that if someone doesn't like it somewhere and for some reason it doesn't feel good, and everyone the rest feel good, you just have to get up and go, as I've done many times. I think that's the most dignified behavior."

"When the previous director was at the National Theater (b.r. Marius Donkin) I in no way liked the things that happened there and the way he ran the theater, but there was a large part of the theater staff who liked how he is doing well. And actually my decision was that in his period of 5 years I will not accept a single performance and I did not accept even once to participate in this theater. And I think that is the most worthy - I just got up and left . There are enough stages, there are enough theaters. There are enough stages for performance that if someone doesn't get rid of it, they should just get up and leave. That's my opinion," added Karamazov.

He also answered a question concerning the divergent opinions and comments regarding the attack on the actress Diyana Dimitrova, her conflict with the media and the thesis that after the beating on her, the topic of the "Istanbul Convention" will be revived:

"This scandal is very similar to the other scandal. And I can say that very often people take a stand on something that they don't even know about, they just read some status on Facebook, take it at face value, and already take sides, they start writing. It's complete nonsense. I attribute it to intelligence, some kind of average intelligence of people. If you are above average intelligence, you will always ask yourself some questions".

Regarding the political situation in recent years and months, Karamazov said: 

"I am very careful about politics, for the simple reason that I, as a citizen, have a position, but in no case can I say that I am a person who thoroughly deals with politics and follows what is happening in it I cannot give a solution to the question at the moment of how to get out of this political crisis, and somehow it takes up too much time in space and time for me to deal with politics.

Vladimir Karamazov