A suicide incident occurred in the pretrial detention center in Ganja.

According to the information of the local office of APA, the incident was recorded in Ganja City Detention Center No. 2.

Ahmadov Mehdi Maksim oghlu, a prisoner detained there, a resident of Tovuz district, killed himself by cutting his vein with a glass.

According to preliminary information, the convict took this step as a protest against the court verdict issued against him a few days ago.

An investigation into the fact has been launched.

Ministry of Justice Penitentiary Service confirmed the fact to APA.

An investigation is underway.

It should be noted that Mehdi Maksim oghlu Ahmadov, born in 1981, was arrested for murder.

He stabbed Anvar Alırzayev, born in 1964, and his brother, Farman Alırzayev, born in 1960, in Ibrahimhajili village of Tovuz last December.

Anvar Alırzayev is dead.

According to the court's verdict, Mehdi Ahmadov was sentenced to 18 years in prison.