The Shining Orchestra will return to Dagang to hold a music festival and take promotional photos.

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[Reporter Yang Xinhan/Taipei Report] The Shining Orchestra returned to Dagang after two years to open the music festival. It will be on stage in April next year. The group leader Doris was selected as the world's sexiest heavy metal rock female artist in the past. She took a promotional photo a while ago , the dress is still sexy and hot, she said with a smile in the interview: "When I put it on, I still think it will be too hot, but looking back, the previous look is even more exaggerated."

The Shining Orchestra took a promotional photo, and Doris's look was still sexy.

(Provided by Sunrise Music)

Shining's lead singer "Freddy" Lin Changzuo has been busy with his legislative duties in recent years, and the members of the group are busy working behind the scenes, and there are few opportunities to publicly fit together. Doris is looking forward to returning to the stage. She said: "Maybe two years without performing Yes, it feels like a world away when I put on a new look for a photo shoot, although this time I wear an elegant and streamlined look, but I didn’t make any preparations for the look before taking the photo.”

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Doris is full of charm on stage, and was once selected as the world's sexiest heavy metal rock female artist.

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Doris revealed that she did not prepare for the promotional photo shoot. "The past two years have been tiring, but I have naturally lost weight. On the contrary, I deeply feel that I should train my physical strength and muscle strength for the performance that will start on the day of the performance."

Many music fans are looking forward to the new song released by the Shining Orchestra. Doris said: "At present, I am doing my best to prepare for the Dagang performance, and at the same time I am adapting the song "Folding Hands" to make the best of The Shining and Coraqi's style. Fusion, please look forward to seeing you in Dagang.”

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