Jolin Tsai released a new song, which will be sung at the Little Arena at the end of the month.

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[Reporter Yang Xinhan/Taipei Report] "Jolin" Jolin Tsai posted in the community last night: "My partner, when I am most anxious and anxious, can always catch me firmly, listen to my stories, and is good at keeping Bai Bai, I rely on the tenderness he left me." The last sentence: "Darling, it's nice to have you", seems to be confessing to someone.

In fact, Jolin's romantic words are written for her new song "Dear Object". The English title of the song "Untitled" is the ideal state she is pursuing in this song.

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Jolin Tsai posted a post in the community, which seemed to be a confession to someone.

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Jolin believes that when the "relationship" between two people exceeds the definition of name, it is better to keep the "untitled" freedom and tolerance first, and not rush to define, just want to thank the other party for warming yourself.

Jolin, who hasn't released a film for a long time, composed and sang the theme song "Dear Object" for the movie "About Me and the Ghost Becoming a Family Member". This song won good results after it was launched today, and immediately got it on KKBOX The champion of the comprehensive new song real-time list.

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