[Reporter Zhang Yiling/Taipei Report] TSMC’s establishment of a factory in the United States has attracted attention. Some voices believe that TSMC’s going to the United States will lead to technology outflows. Aaron Yan shared his views on Facebook last night. Unexpectedly, the rain became heavier in the middle of the night. After posting, there was an earthquake, and netizens flooded into his Facebook to report again, saying that after pressing his tsmc text, there was an earthquake, and he replied dumbfounded: "It's so coincidental that it makes the scalp tingle." Some netizens said that the text he posted Even the earth responded, and he responded with "tectonic support".

Aaron Yan talked about TSMC's establishment of a factory in the United States.

(File photo, photo by reporter Wang Wenlin)

Aaron Yan said in the TSMC message that his cousin works in TSMC, so he is no stranger to it, and because he continues to care about TSMC's trends and news, "wafer foundries can go to other countries to set up factories and The conditions and content are pure joy and pride under the circumstances of high-profile and courteous reception.”

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Aaron Yan believes: "After all, tsmc's industrial chain is rigorous and requires a long period of time to cultivate the competitiveness and success rate of upstream and downstream manufacturers. It requires an extremely complicated and rigorous process to complete." Emphasizing this mutual trust industrial chain is worth All enjoying pure pride.

Netizens praised Aaron Yan for his brains and wisdom. He explained that he was just a tech geek, and some people said, "Wouldn't it be too broad for a geologist to even understand chips?" He also laughed and said, "There are many more."

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