Hamme's documentary is on the shelves and the British royal family is at war again.

The documentary "Harry & Meghan" by Prince Harry and Meghan of the United Kingdom was finally released on the night of Taiwan time yesterday (8th). The issue of racial discrimination in the royal family was mentioned in a large space, and Megan criticized the need to curtsey to the Queen, the dress code, etc., which once again caused an uproar.

Megan burst into tears several times in the documentary.

This 6-episode documentary was first released on the evening of the 8th for three episodes. The couple who had left the British royal family fired at the camera again, and were dubbed "Sussexes' war on royals" by foreign media. to describe.

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In the three episodes on the shelves, in addition to the flashes of the two and the exposure of many private photos, Harry and Meghan also fired again, believing that there was "unconscious discrimination" in the royal family, which made Meghan, who is of African descent, feel sad. Meghan declared , I was not really "treated the same" in that family.

Harry and Meghan attack royal discrimination again.

There are many unexposed photos in the Harry Meghan documentary.

Harry said in the documentary: "In this family, sometimes you are treated as a problem rather than part of the solution, and there is a very high level of unconscious discrimination in the family." He believes that unconscious discrimination is not anyone's fault in particular, but once If it is pointed out or realized, it must be corrected.

Harry also compared Meghan with his mother, Princess Diana many times. In addition to many similarities such as enthusiasm and vitality between the two, he also believed that both of them were hurt by this system to some extent, just like The interview in which the pair announced their engagement was essentially "a pre-rehearsed reality show, with Meghan saying: "We can't tell our story because they haven't allowed it...until now."

Meghan said their engagement was like a pre-rehearsed reality show.

Harry also said that he "had to give up" his royal duties to protect his wife. He can accept that many people in this world disagree with his decision, "but I have to protect my family, especially after what happened to my mother. After what happened. You know, I can't let history repeat itself."

Harry talked about his mother Diana many times, saying that he had to quit the royal family in order to prevent Meghan from stepping into his mother's footsteps.

Meghan blasted the formality and old-fashionedness of the royal family, including admitting that she thought Harry was "joking" when he told her he had to bow or curtsy when meeting the Queen officially for the first time, and put herself in Windsor. The first meal at the castle was compared to a "medieval dinner", confusing and absurd.

Meghan revealed that when she first met the Queen, she knew she had to curtsey and felt "joke"?

In addition, Meghan also described the scene of meeting Prince William and Princess Kate wearing ripped jeans and bare feet. She said that she is a diversity embracer. "I didn't realize that this is really harsh to many British people."

Compared with the embarrassment of the two being directly choked by the public the day before the broadcast: "How does it feel to ruin the royal family?", the three episodes that have been exposed so far are generally considered by the British media to be not too explosive, but it is rumored that King Charles and Crown Prince William have Be ready to "tough" to respond to any unfair or unverifiable allegations, 4 to 6 episodes are expected to be broadcast next Thursday (15th).

Meghan also slammed the royal family's old-fashioned attire, having gone to a football game with Harry in ripped trousers.

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