Liu Yinshang won the Best Supporting Actress award at the 2022 Asian Cinema Awards in Singapore.

(Provided by Xiao Youhua)

Liu Yinshang's daughter Xiao Youhua (right) and granddaughter received the award on stage.

(Provided by Xiao Youhua)

[Reporter Xiao Fangqi/Taipei Report] Beijing Film Queen Liu Yinshang passed away in September. The drama "Hello, Who Am I" she performed before her death won the best award at the 2022 Asian Academy Creative Awards in Singapore tonight. Kou Shixun, the best supporting actress and co-star of the show, also participated in the ceremony, and the expressions in the audience looked gratified and moved.

Liu Yinshang's daughter, Xiao Youhua, and her granddaughter, when accepting the award on stage, mentioned that Liu Yinshang, who has been in the film industry for 60 years, has loved acting all his life. "It has inspired many people's love for acting. I believe everyone will not forget her!"

The drama "Hello, Who Am I" performed by Liu Yinshang during his lifetime won the award.

(Provided by Xiao Youhua)

In addition, "Hello" achieved high ratings and good reputation. Da Ai TV has decided to start shooting a sequel. Producer Yang Manli said that Kou Shixun, Cui Peiyi, Fu Xiaoyun and other original cast members will perform. In the first season, Kou Shixun and Liu Yinshang's Mother and child are emotional people, which aroused widespread repercussions when it was broadcast. It was originally planned that they would continue the mother-child relationship in the second season. Unexpectedly, Liu Yinshang died of illness, and the sequel will be arranged to be presented in memory scenes.

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