Apple AirPods Pro 2 burst 5B58 firmware update disaster.

(Photo/photo by reporter Wu Peihua)

Apple recently released the 5B58 firmware update for a variety of AirPods, which fixed the sound drift and out-of-sync bugs of AirPods Pro 2. It is the super fast power-down speed of the charging box.

These affected netizens all said that the problem of excessive power consumption of AirPods Pro 2 only appeared after updating the 5B58 firmware. One of the netizens pointed out that "Since the update, the charging box has seriously consumed power. The original power was 100%, and only used After 1 hour, the battery is only 47%."

Someone else said, "Even though the earphones are not used, the power on the AirPods Pro 2 charging box consumes 20-25% every day."

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Complaints from netizens have caught Apple's attention.

(Picture / Flipping the Internet)

The 5B58 disaster of AirPods Pro 2 has attracted the attention of Apple officials and is investigating. An update should be released later, and the detailed time point is not yet clear.

AirPods Pro 2 Taiwan has also been on sale in early November. Taiwanese fans who have already bought it first, if you have doubts about the update, it is recommended not to upgrade until Apple releases a fix.

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