The erotic model from Argentina, Ivana Nadal, is among the highest paid VIP escorts outside her homeland, local publications write.

According to a publication by

Nova Agency

, Nadal's luck smiled on the day she met Mariano Roca, a former representative of the Colombian porn actress Esperanza Gomez and one of the leading representatives of the Playboy brand for Latin America.

In addition to the company of "naughty bunnies", Rocca is known in his circles as the organizer of some of the largest private parties with the participation of girls with irresistible bodies.

Because of her Latin appearance, Roca immediately proposed to Nadal whether she would like to work for him, primarily in Mexico and the United States, to which she agreed.

In the times before the COVID pandemic, Ivana Nadal appeared on one of the local erotic channels Call TV, where she entertained the male audience with her skimpy clothing.

During the pandemic, however, there was a 2-year break during which Nadal indulged in "spiritual and human growth", but after the end of COVID-19, the sexy Argentinian has again decided to return to her previous way of life, Nova Agency also notes .

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