The press service of the General Prosecutor's Office told APA that the district prosecutor's office received preliminary information about the killing of Mehtun Garayev, born in 1982, in the territory of Khirmandali village of Bilasuvar district around 03:00 on December 8.

Based on the investigations, reasonable suspicions have been established that Javad Kazimov, the victim's fellow villager, intentionally killed Mehtun Garayev by firing a firearm during a conflict between them on the basis of personal relations.

In relation to the fact, a criminal case was initiated in the Bilasuvar district prosecutor's office under Article 120.1 (intentional murder) of the Criminal Code.

Javad Kazimov was arrested as a suspect and handed over for investigation.

Currently, the investigation in the case continues.



Bilasuvar region, Khirmandali village, village resident Mehtun Garayev, a person found guilty of murder has been detained.

APA was informed about this by the MIA.

It was noted that the resident of that village, Javad Karimov, born in 1985, who was suspected of committing the act on the basis of personal relations, was detained by police officers.

A hunting gun, which is a crime tool, was found and taken from him.



On December 8, around 03 o'clock, the body of Mehtun Garayev, born in 1982, was discovered in the village of Khirmandali, Bilasuvar district, with laceration injuries.

APA was told by the press service of the Ministry of Internal Affairs that police officers are taking necessary search and operation measures to identify and detain the person or persons suspected of committing the crime.