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UK private investigator Ali Harris has listed the most common signs of a cheating partner.

Her observations were published by the New York Post, writes "Telegraph".

Most often, she is asked to find a missing person, find out the details of his biography and find out if the partner is falling apart.

For this purpose, Harris organizes pedestrian or car surveillance, and also collects information from various sources.

Thanks to many years of experience, the woman has formulated a list of signs of infidelity.

Harris believes that a curmudgeon or a saucy infidel usually suddenly becomes preoccupied with their appearance: buying new clothes, getting a new haircut, changing their perfume.

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Another sign of possible infidelity is the desire to carry the mobile phone with you everywhere for fear of being left unattended.

You should also be careful if the partner suddenly starts constantly cleaning the history of searches on the Internet and categorically does not want to discuss feelings and doubts.

In conclusion, the detective explains that she deliberately dyes her hair red and wears bright clothes, even though her colleagues usually try not to draw attention to themselves.

It follows a different logic.

“Looking at me, you'll have no doubt that I'm a private investigator.

I like helping people because I often become their last hope to get to the truth,” she said.