The next meeting of the Presidium of the Azerbaijan National Academy of Sciences was held on December 8.

APA informs that the meeting was attended by the president of ANAS, academician Isa Habibbayli, members of the Presidium, general directors of scientific institutions and organizations of ANAS, and relevant persons.

First of all, Aminaga Sadigov, correspondent member of ANAS, was presented with the Honorary Decree of ANAS on her 60th anniversary.

The first issue discussed at the meeting was the Decree of the President of the Republic of Azerbaijan, Ilham Aliyev, dated December 6, 2022, "On the measures related to the declaration of the city of Shusha as the "Cultural Capital of the Turkic World" for 2023" and the tasks ahead.

Speaking on the issue, Academician Isa Habibbayli, president of ANAS, said that the city of Shusha was declared the cultural capital of Azerbaijan by the Decree of the head of the country "On declaring Shusha the cultural capital of Azerbaijan" dated May 7, 2021.

The academic noted that in the light of this Decree, the "Kharibulbul" music festival, Vagif Poetry Days were again held in Shusha, the museum-tomb complex of Vagif, the house-museum of the Nightingale was opened after restoration, the monument of shot statues, the Khan Gizi spring were reconstructed and other literary and cultural events. measures have been implemented.

On March 31, 2022, at the TURKSOY meeting in Bursa, Turkey, the announcement of the city of Shusha as the "Cultural Capital of the Turkic World" for 2023 and the signing of the relevant Order by the head of the country was a historic event, the head of ANAS said that with this step first of all, the eyes of the Turkic world and the whole world in general will be directed to the extensive construction works carried out in Shusha and will make its practical contribution to the integration of the Turkic world.

Academician Isa Habibbeyli, who stated that ANAS has important responsibilities based on this Order, gave relevant tasks to the general directors of institutions of the Department of Humanities and Social Sciences to prepare proposals for the measures to be implemented.

He also drew attention to the construction of a seismological station in Shusha with the support of the Turkish colleagues of the Republic Seismological Service Center of ANAS.

Later, a relevant decision was adopted by the Presidium of ANAS.

The next issue on the agenda of the meeting was the Decree of the President of the Republic of Azerbaijan Ilham Aliyev dated November 28, 2022 "On the approval of the Plan of Actions regarding the declaration of 2023 as the "Year of Heydar Aliyev" in the Republic of Azerbaijan" and the tasks ahead.

The head of ANAS noted that based on the mentioned document, the Academy plans to hold local and international forums, conferences, symposiums, round tables and seminars, and publish works, books and monographs dedicated to the legacy of the Great Leader.

Academician Isa Habibbayli said that international conferences on "Heydar Aliyev and the concept of Azerbaijanism", "Heydar Aliyev and Azerbaijan's oil strategy", "One nation, two states", "Heydar Aliyev: genius, time and modernity", "National Leader Heydar Aliyev and Azerbaijan National Academy of Sciences", "Heydar Aliyev: the scale of personality and activity", "Heydar Aliyev and historical problems of Azerbaijan", monographs "Image of Heydar Aliyev in visual arts", "Memories of Azerbaijani scientists about Heydar Aliyev" and Azerbaijan's " He said that the III volume of "The Red Book" will be prepared.

In addition, he pointed out that "Heydar Aliyev Encyclopedia" will be prepared (in 2023-2024), which will reflect the life and activities of the Great Leader in all its aspects.

Then, the composition of the Editorial Board and the Working Group of "Heydar Aliyev Encyclopedia" was approved by the Presidium.

The meeting also discussed the Action Plan of ANAS in connection with the 100th anniversary of academician Zarifa Aliyeva.

Academician Isa Habibbeyli said that based on the Decree of the head of the country dated November 3, 2022, a Commission was established in ANAS in connection with the celebration of the 100th anniversary of academician Zarifa Aliyeva, and relevant proposals were collected from scientific institutions and organizations.

The head of ANAS said that based on the proposals, local and international conferences on "Research and treatment of occupational pathologies: achievements and current problems", "Prominent ophthalmologist-scientist academician Zarifa Aliyeva: citizenship mission and doctor's oath", special edition of "Life Sciences and Biomedicine" magazine will be held. preparation of the number, preparation of the monograph and bibliography dedicated to academician Zarifa Aliyeva,

Taking into account the mentioned, the relevant decision was adopted by the Presidium of ANAS.

Later, a number of scientific and organizational issues were discussed at the meeting.

Decisions on the 100th anniversary of Academician Rahim Rahimov, the sending of Kanan Hasanov, a full-time doctoral student of the Institute of Radiation Problems, to the United Nuclear Research Institute, and the approval of the "Collective Agreement between the Presidium of the Azerbaijan National Academy of Sciences and the Presidium of the Free Trade Union of ANAS for 2022-2024" has been accepted.

Academicians Arif Hashimov, Ibrahim Guliyev, Irada Huseynova, correspondent members of ANAS Musa Gasimli, Gurban Yetirmishli, professors Karim Shukurov, Habil Gurbanov, doctors of history Eynulla Madatli and Vagif Bahmanli spoke and voiced their opinions and suggestions in the discussions held at the meeting.