[Reporter Xu Shiying/Comprehensive Report] The thriller action film "Justice Out of Control" describes the story of the twin brother "Yueyou" who died for some reason, and the older brother "Riyou" who entered the juvenile orphanage for revenge and had a cruel confrontation with his accomplices.

The leading actor, Park Jinyoung, had to play the twin brothers alone, showing an unprecedented look. In addition to having fierce naked fights in the bathhouse, he also shaved his hair into a crew cut in response to the plot of the character entering a juvenile rehabilitation center .

In order to fit the character image of "Runaway Justice", Park Jinyoung appeared in the film with a crew cut.

(Provided by Caichang)

After Park Jinyoung shaved his hair, he felt that his hairstyle should be shaved even uglier, so he shaved his own hair again with a razor, showing his determination to enter the soul role.

Not only that, but he also had to swear wildly in the film, which reminded him of his constant swearing in the film, and he said, "I'm so tired, my voice became hoarse after the first scene was filmed." He even joked : "In the movie, I finished all the swear words that should be said in my life." When he received praise for his swearing acting skills at the preview, he also shyly said: "Now I finally don't have to swear."

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Park Jinyoung swears wildly in "Runaway Justice", making him laugh and say that he has said all the dirty words he should have said in his life.

(Provided by Caichang)

It is worth mentioning that Park Jinyoung, who played the role of developmentally retarded in the film, also donated money to institutions with severe disabilities through practical actions, increasing the significance of the film performance with his kind influence.

According to South Korea's Green Umbrella Children's Charity Foundation, he donated 50 million won (approximately NT$1.2 million) to the children of the severely disabled children's institution "Han Sarang Village" to provide more treatment, rehabilitation and life assistance.

Park Jinyoung said: "Although I feel a little shy about becoming big, but I thought about how I can help, so I made a donation. I hope I can give a little help to the children when the cold winter is coming." It is reported. , He also donated 30 million won (approximately NT$700,000) a few days ago to provide funds for the reconstruction of homes for households affected by the torrential rain this summer, continue to spread the influence of kindness, and convey warmth.

"Runaway Justice" will be released in Taiwan simultaneously with South Korea tomorrow (9th).

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