Fairphone 4 provides nine parts modules such as battery and camera, allowing users to replace and repair by themselves.

(Photo/photographed by reporter Liu Huiqin)

Fairphone, a new mobile phone brand from the Netherlands, officially released its fourth-generation 5G smart phone Fairphone 4 in Taiwan. Parts are assembled instead of glued, and can be replaced by themselves with just a screwdriver.

This mobile phone has been sold in Europe before, and this time it is the first market for Fairphone to step out of the European market. Under the exclusive introduction of Taiwan agent by Compal subsidiary Huangfeng Communication, it will be sold exclusively by Far EasTone Telecom. Open for pre-orders in Taiwan.

Equipped with Qualcomm S750G processor, Fairphone 4 adopts 6.3-inch water drop notch full screen, built-in dual speakers and 3905mAh detachable lithium battery, equipped with 48 million pixel dual camera on the back, supports optical anti-shake function, mobile phone and Provide up to 5 years of parts sales and 2 years warranty for the whole machine, built-in 8GB memory and 256GB capacity, and support external memory card expansion (up to 2TB), the recommended price of a single machine is 19,900 yuan, and it is expected to be next Monday , On December 12, it was officially listed in the stores of Far EasTone in Taiwan.

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Fairphone 4 is paired with Far EasTone's 5G plan, and bid for a designated 5G tariff. Taking the monthly fee of 999 as an example, it is bound for about 48 months, and the mobile phone special price starts at 2,990 yuan.

In addition, when purchasing a mobile phone with an old one, it will be discounted by 500 yuan; the specified tariff will be free for another year of Far EasTone anti-horror protection (valued at 1,056 yuan).

The color of the fuselage listed this time provides two choices of "space gray" and "lake green". In addition, there is also a back cover with a special design design. It will be put on the official website of Huangfeng Communications Fairphone in the future, so that users can purchase online by themselves. .

The back of the Fairphone 4 is equipped with a dual-lens main camera that supports optical anti-shake; it also has a TOF laser focus sensor for dynamic tracking.

(Photo/photographed by reporter Liu Huiqin)

Fairphone 4 uses a 6.3-inch full screen with water drop notch, covered with Corning Gorilla Glass 5.

(Photo/photographed by reporter Liu Huiqin)

According to the Fairphone official statement, the survey found that the top three reasons for consumers to change phones are broken screens, weakened battery life, and insufficient camera lens pixels, etc., and then developed a modular design of smart phones to reduce carbon emissions and electronic components. waste generation, durable designs that extend product life cycle life.

Fairphone 4 supports 9 parts replacement, including: the back cover and battery that can be lifted from the groove on the side of the fuselage, the speaker and camera module that can be removed by removing 6 screws, and the motherboard, USB hole etc.

Since the mobile phone adopts a "modular" design, it can be easily disassembled and assembled with only one screw in the whole process, and it has been certified by ifixit, a well-known electronic product dismantling website. The fun of DIY assembly and playing is rarely seen in modern smart phones.

In terms of mobile phone protection, Fairphone 4 has IP54 waterproof and dustproof, and passed the MIL-STD-810G military standard test, which can cope with daily use.

The pre-loaded operating system of the mobile phone is Android 11, and it is expected to support an upgrade to Android 12 before the end of the year, and software update services will also be provided in the future.