This year, eyebrows are one of the main ways of self-expression, because the trends for them have changed several times.

At first, everyone drew saturated graphic eyebrows, then suddenly came the fashion for their lighting and world stars all as one began to appear in public with completely white eyebrows, which created the effect that they do not have them at all.

After that, a new trend for thread eyebrows, like those once worn by Pamela Anderson and Paris Hilton, is gradually gaining momentum.

Probably, the actress 

Jessica Chastain

decided to try this trend on herself , because she appeared at the event of the Moet & Chandon brand with such thin eyebrows.

They were complemented by dramatic make-up in dark colors and a minidress, fully embroidered with blue, black, and gray lace.

Jessica was also wearing a cape, the same design as the dress.

Jessica Chastain / Photo: Associated Press

Another strange moment also attracted attention - the parting in the actress's hair was probably painted with shadows.

And it was not done very neatly, because a red spot remained on her forehead at the hairline.

Well, before going out, she decided to dye the roots of her hair, but not all the dye washed off.

Jessica Chastain / Photo: Associated Press

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