[Reporter Yang Xinhan/Taipei Report] Wang Leehom has experienced a marriage turmoil with Li Jinglei, and his acting career has been suspended for a year. He is determined to come back on January 28 next year. He revealed his voice on his official website to express his heart: "Even if there is only one person, I want to Sing for you." It is decided to hold the "ONE Lee Hom Wang even if there is only one person" concert at the Resorts Wolrd Theater in Las Vegas, USA.

Wang Leehom.

(File photo, photo by reporter Chen Yikuan)

The organizer Kuanyu confirmed: "The ticket sale concert has been booked long ago, and we had to cooperate before, but it was postponed due to the epidemic, and it just started in the 2023 Lunar New Year. Leehom Wang and Kuanyu have been cooperating for a long time, and this is the first time in the near future. public exposure."

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The name of the concert is "ONE Lee Hom Wang, even if there is only one person", which echoes his silent voice for nearly a year. Even if there is only one fan, he will continue to sing. In the concert poster, he has long hair and looks Playing the instrument solemnly.

Wang Leehom is determined to come back and hold a solo concert in January next year.

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The organizer revealed that the US concert will be the first stop of his tour. As for Wang Leehom's recent situation, he has been working hard on singing and composing recently. album or single.

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