In accordance with the powers of the State Fire Control Service of the Ministry of Emergency Situations, it continues to take necessary measures to ensure fire safety in the country.

APA reports referring to the website of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs that in this context, during the inspection conducted by the State Fire Control Service in the "Aventos" men's clothing store located at 1B Huseynbala Aliyev Street, Baku City, Nasimi District, there were numerous deficiencies in the field of fire safety. it is determined that it poses a direct threat to human life or health, the environment, and property interests of the state.

So that;

- the operation of the facility is not agreed with the State Fire Control Service;

- automatic fire alarm devices are not installed;

- electrical supply and electrical devices are not installed in accordance with the requirements of the relevant rules and normative documents, the connection areas and ends of the cables and wires are not fixed with special clamps or by welding in order to prevent the formation of conductive resistance, which causes a fire hazard;

- the voltage resistance of the insulation of the electric lines drawn inside the facility was not checked;

- the emergency evacuation route intended for the evacuation of people is blocked with objects;

- the facility is not provided with primary firefighting tools and equipment, including fire extinguishers;

- the order (instruction) to ensure fire safety in the object did not determine the fire regime;

- the facility is not equipped with devices that help people move (evacuate) in case of fire.

Thus, the current situation shows that as a result of continuing the operation of the facility, the fire that may occur there at any moment will expand in a short time and make the tragedy inevitable.

Taking into account the above, a decision was made to suspend the activity of the men's clothing store "Aventos" located at Huseynbala Aliyev Street, 1B, Baku city, Nasimi district, where violations of the requirements of fire safety norms and rules were found, and a copy of the decision was presented to the representative of the facility.