Pan Ruodi (left) and Xu Xiaoshun.

(Flipping Facebook)

[Reporter Yi Huici/Comprehensive Report] Artist Pan Ruodi had his 60th birthday a few days ago. He uploaded photos of his birthday party on Facebook. "Little Pig" Luo Zhixiang and other variety show godfathers and big brothers all came to celebrate his birthday. The lineup is too gorgeous. Netizens exclaimed again and again. The post attracted 25,000 likes and over 1,000 comments.

Pan Ruodi's 60th birthday party, the guests lined up super gorgeous.

(Flipping Facebook)

Pan Ruodi made a birthday wish and admitted that there are many things she wants, but there is only one thing she really needs, which is peace, health and happiness. "What is more valuable than this? May all the friends I know be safe. Healthy, I want my friends to be happy, and everyone I see to be safe, healthy and happy, so I can pray for my wishes to come true.”

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Pan Ruodi (left) and Wang Weizhong.

(Flipping Facebook)

Pan Ruodi (left) and Wu Zongxian.

(Flipping Facebook)

He marked the friends who participated in the birthday party one by one, and the exposure of the list was astonishing, including Wang Weizhong, Wu Zongxian, Tuo Zongkang, Zeng Guocheng, Jiu Yiyi, Luo Zhixiang, Xu Xiaoshun's bamboo shoots, Xiao Zhong, Shen Yulin, Hou Changming, Xiao Ma, Chen Handian, Dagen, You Shuting, the godfathers and kings of the variety show industry are almost all here. When Xu Xiaoshun reposted the photo, he couldn't help but admire "what an amazing lineup of guests! Happy, this proves the reason why Mr. Pan is a good person."

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