Starting from November, the main composition of the Christmas holidays - Mariah Carey

's song All I Want For Christmas Is You - is playing in all coffee shops and shopping centers .

It was written in 1994 and was included as a single on the first Christmas album, Merry Christmas, becoming one of the best-selling songs of all time.

Moreover, it was this song that made Mariah the Queen of Christmas.

Her song has literally become a new classic, and we'll tell you how it happened.

In the early 1990s, the young Mariah Carey was a real superstar, because by 1993 she had already released three successful albums.

Therefore, she and her then-husband Tommy Mottola, who was also her producer, began to have new ideas to promote Mariah's name and strengthen her status as a pop star.

So, together with the composer Walter Afanasieff and at the insistence of Mottola, the girl begins work on her first Christmas album.

But at first this idea was received by the team very skeptically.

The fact is that young artists often did not release such holiday albums at the peak of their popularity, in the music world such releases were made already at the end of a musician's career.

But the decision was made and the work began.

Since the songs were recorded in the summer, Mariah decides to decorate the studio and the house with Christmas decorations to create the right atmosphere and mood.

It also helped that Christmas was the artist's favorite holiday.

"I dreamed that it would become a classic Christmas song," the singer once admitted.

Mariah Carey, 1994 / Photo: Getty Images

The album Merry Christmas included both Carey's original compositions and covers of famous Christmas songs from different years.

All I Want For Christmas Is You was the first single and simply blew up the radio stations, becoming the main hit of the singer.

The album itself took the 3rd place in the Billboard 200 chart. Later, for many years in the days before Christmas, the song regularly occupies leading positions in the charts of many countries.

The melody in the song is quite simple and came up quite quickly, but Mariah worked on the lyrics for several weeks.

At first, she had a draft of I do not want a lot for Christmas, and she used it as a starting point, inventing the rest of the text.

The girl regularly called Walter Afanasieff to discuss words.

The lyrics of the song are quite simple, but that's what made it a hit.

It has no religious connotation, it is simple, fun, fast and its main theme is love.

In one of the interviews, the singer admitted that when she wrote the text, she remembered her childhood, which was not too hopeful, and dreamed of a real holiday.

"I've always loved Christmas so much my whole life, but I grew up not having much money and not being able to celebrate it like other kids. I wanted Christmas to be perfect, but for so many different reasons it wasn't always good because of my an unfavorable family. Therefore, I think that when I wrote the text, I simply put a drop of longing for this beautiful moment in it," the singer said.

Carey later explained in her memoir that she tried to write a song about a happy girl to cheer herself up.

After all, her marriage at that time was a real horror.

She was literally locked in a golden cage of her husband's house and was constantly under the surveillance of guards and cameras.

She could not leave the house alone.

This situation put a lot of pressure on her.

Therefore, Carey turned to her songs as a means of escape from reality.

Mariah Carey and Tommy Mottola / Photo: Getty Images

In 2018-2020, the track quickly began to gain momentum again.

This was due to the development of various online services for listening to music.

So, in 2018, All I Want For Christmas Is You topped the Billboard Hot 100 for the first time, thus breaking several records, including the longest journey to the first place.

In 2019, she also topped the UK charts for the first time.

And in 2020, All I Want for Christmas Is You took first place in the Billboard Hot 100 and Billboard Global 200.

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Every year, this song brings Mariah Carey millions of dollars.

But since 1994, the singer's income on it is about 60 million.

But Carey doesn't stop there and promotes her track every year: she records songs with popular artists, performs Christmas shows, sings it live and even performed it on Carpool Karaoked with James Corden.

But a few years ago, the singer broadcast her Christmas show on Apple TV.

But speaking about All I Want For Christmas Is You, one cannot fail to mention the clips that were released.

The first was a video shot in the snow on 8 mm film.

The singer herself acted as cameraman and director.

In this clip, she is very young, dancing and fooling around with Santa, who, by the way, was played by her first husband Mottola.

The second black-and-white video was inspired by the work of the 1960s girl group The Ronettes.

At the end of 2019, Mariah Carey released a new music video, which not only had a completely new plot, but also starred her children.

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