Open the source of the hit phrase.

"Donuts still have holes.

So when will you have a heart?"

What is it after becoming a popular song?

Until someone in social media flocks to dance along – use it as a caption.

Until it became a famous viral

Became a popular phrase that many people wonder about the word

"doughnuts still have holes"

When will you have a heart?

Especially in TikTok and Facebook, where this hit phrase is used a lot.

Until it becomes a viral trend that many people use to follow each other

Until they wondered where this word came from exactly.

For the original hit phrase, it comes from the song Stand by Lo of the band New Country, consisting of Nu, Embo, Tintin, guitar.

"Donuts still have holes.

Then when will you have a heart?" and "Today I'm not ready to be a girlfriend. I'll ask to stand by and wait for the day when I'm willing to be a girlfriend. I'll go stand by handsome."

Picture from MV Stand by Lo

However, with the fun rhythm of the song that the Luk Thung prince "Got Jakraphan" came to take care of.

both composing their own songs

Including productions, pictures, music videos, making this song have a very rhythmic feel.

Become a favorite online

Until it became a viral hit that people took to dance along

Including bringing together a lot of captions.

Thank you for the song Stand by handsome.