Sudden body changes or significant weight loss often lead to women choosing to undergo a series of surgeries to restore their pre-pregnancy figure. 

Do women really need plastic surgery to regain self-confidence, says

Varsik Dadayan,

 candidate of medical sciences, surgeon of the highest category at the

Grace Clinic

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What is a mommy makeover

Mommy makeover (translated from the English "transformation of mother") is an individual complex of surgical interventions aimed at restoring the female body and its contours after pregnancy.

Most often, the complex is the following operations: breast lift, abdominoplasty, liposuction, intimate plastic surgery.

These operations in one complex procedure lead to an incredible transformation.

However, this combination of operations requires high skill and attention to detail.

It is also worth remembering that the reincarnation scheme for each patient is built individually and she can change this combination according to her needs.

Let's consider each operation separately

Breast lift and augmentation 

After breastfeeding or sudden weight loss, women are often left with sagging breasts.

The breast augmentation procedure eliminates such a cosmetic problem, changes their shape and adds volume to them with the help of fat transfer or implants.

According to certain individual indicators, the doctor may advise you to perform a breast lift.

This surgery also allows for a younger appearance as the areola (pigmented area around the nipple) is moved back to the center of the breast.

If you wish, you can combine all these procedures. 


After childbirth, not only the breasts lose their tone, but also the stomach.

The process of natural childbirth leaves excess skin around the abdomen and weakened muscles.

A tummy tuck, also known as an abdominoplasty, addresses both problems by removing excess skin and fat in the area and tightening the muscles.

As a result, women can get a flat and toned stomach.

Also, often after childbirth, you can find strong manifestations of diastasis, which negatively affects a woman's life (this is a discrepancy between the right and left rectus abdominis muscles in proportion to the white line - the fibrous structure of the anterior abdominal wall, which is located in the middle).

It occurs if soon after childbirth the muscles do not return to their place.

Intimate plastic

Dissatisfaction with the appearance of the genitals can lead to discomfort, loss of libido, and rejection of intimate life.

Women often lose self-confidence, complain of pain during sexual intercourse and urination.

A change in the shape of the labia makes it difficult to wear nice underwear and tight-fitting clothes, often a depressive mood develops.

But even in the absence of pain and discomfort, a large number of women turn to the doctor to restore the aesthetic appearance and firmness of their genitals.

After the procedure, the anatomical structure of the genitals and lips is preserved, sensitivity increases during sexual intimacy, and healthy muscle tone returns. 


During childbirth, it is the labia minora that are stretched the most.

They begin to sag and/or increase in size.

And resection of part of the tissues (operation to partially remove the affected organ) will help here.

With the help of surgery, you can preserve the structure of the labia minora.

As for labia majora plastic surgery, it is performed much less often.

Indications for surgical intervention are loss of volume or tone of the labia majora.

Why are the procedures performed comprehensively?

The complex is a time saver.

During the simultaneous execution of all procedures, the post-operative recovery stage is shortened, and it also allows to reduce the burden on the body. 

How long does rehabilitation take?

Rehabilitation lasts a little longer than after each of these operations separately.

It consists in limiting physical activity during the month, wearing special compression underwear in the chest and abdomen area.

The result: the figure visually has a harmonious appearance, regardless of the number of pregnancies.

The advantage is that you go through rehabilitation only once, and not after each surgery.

When you can do surgery

It is usually recommended to do the operation no earlier than 6 months after the end of feeding.

That's how much the body needs to recover from childbirth stress.

This surgery is also recommended to be done when your weight is at its best, close to your prenatal weight.

And so, after mommy makeover, you can give birth again, but you should not forget that the next pregnancy will affect the result of the operation.

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