YOUNG people in the country have been asked to change their behavior in the fight against the AIDS virus (HIV) and AIDS, in order to reduce the transmission between them.

The Director of Statistics, Monitoring and Research of the Non-Governmental Organization MDH, Dr. Lameck Machumi has made the call while speaking to journalists about the organization's activities in the fight against HIV and Aids in the country.

He said that changing the behavior of young people is the first issue in the fight against HIV and AIDS, while emphasizing the importance of young people changing their behavior to reduce new infections among themselves.

Dr. Machumi has also advised the government and other organizations in the fight against HIV and AIDS, to put emphasis on the issue of education for young people by providing friendly services that will enable them to refrain from actions/behavior that put them at risk of contracting HIV and AIDS.

"We are asking organizations and the government to look hard in this area to educate young people, but also to deliver friendly services to young people," he said.

The Senior Manager of Medical Services from MDH, Dr. Irene Andrew has emphasized more on young women to make sure they change their behavior, but also build confidence and be able to say no, when necessary, to protect themselves from HIV infection.

The MDH organization is engaged in the provision of health in collaboration with the country's government in the areas of mother and child, HIV transmission, conducting various studies to support the government's guidelines.

MDH is carrying out these works through the funding of the US government under the PEPFAR program and CDC Tanzania.