Jugaad Viral Video:

Where people take bath two to three times a day in the summer season, taking a bath even once in the cold season is no less than winning a battle.

There are many people who do not take the name of bath for many days in the winter season.

Think what will happen if someone takes bath in the open i.e. pond or river in cold.

One gets goosebumps on hearing this, but recently a similar video has come to the fore, in which a man is seen playing an amazing trick to take a bath in cold water.

Although, on the Internet, new videos related to amazing and strange jugaads are seen every day, but seeing this funny video which has gone viral recently, you too will be in a bad condition laughing.

Today we are going to show you one such video of Jugaad, which is creating a lot of buzz on social media these days, not only will you laugh, but you will also feel warm in this winter.

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In the winter season, a person has come up with an amazing idea to take a bath with cold water in the pond.

In the video you can see that a person is having fun in the pond.

During this, to avoid the cold, he has lit a fire in a dry bush inside the water.

Next in the video, you will see that the person is taking a dip in the water and lighting a fire to avoid the cold.

Seeing this video, the users are laughing.

This video has been shared on the social media platform Instagram, which people are watching and sharing a lot.

More than three lakh people have watched this video so far.

Users who have seen the video are giving more than one reaction on it.

One user wrote, 'What a dangerous mind brother has.'

Another user wrote, 'Brother has made the atmosphere'.

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