Thief Hilarious Reply To Police Team:

You must have often seen in Bollywood movies that the thief distributes the stolen money among the poor and needy, but in real life hardly any thief would do this, but a thief in Chhattisgarh claims to do so. Have done.

If you believe in a thief, he distributes blankets to the poor with the stolen money.

The video of this thief is becoming increasingly viral on social media, in which you will also be in a bad condition laughingly after listening to the answer received by the police in questioning the thief.

watch video here

Dildar Thief 😂❤️

- Life is beautiful !

(@Gulzar_sahab) December 2, 2022

This video, which is becoming increasingly viral on the Internet, is being told of the fort of Chhattisgarh.

In the video, a thief is being interrogated by a police officer regarding the theft, on which the thief gives such an answer, hearing which the police officers are unable to control their laughter.

In the video, Durg Superintendent of Police (SP) Dr. Abhishek Pallav is seen questioning the thief regarding the theft.

According to media reports, the Durg police has busted a gang of thieves, in which a total of four people have been arrested.

Stolen goods worth lakhs including gold and silver have been recovered from these thieves.

During this, when these thieves were presented before the officials, the thief was seen giving strange answers during the interrogation.

In fact, during interrogation, the thief told that he had received ten thousand rupees in the theft of two and a half lakhs.

At first it felt good to steal, but later regretted. 

This video has been shared on the social media platform Twitter with the handle named @Gulzar_sahab, which has received 973.2K views so far.

At the same time, more than 41 thousand people have liked this video.

After watching the video, users are giving different reactions on it. 

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