In the by-election of legislators in Taipei's third constituency, the Kuomintang recruited Taipei city councilor Wang Hongwei, which caused an uproar.

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[Reporter Lin Nangu/Taipei Report] The Taipei mayoral election campaign has ended, and the by-election of legislators in the third constituency of Taipei City (North Songshan, Zhongshan District) will begin immediately.

This (5th) morning, Wang Jiemin, a well-known TV talker, publicly said: "I want to take a blank sheet of paper against Wang Hongwei."

Wang Jiemin said that he is the second generation from other provinces and is also a Taiwanese. "I oppose the CCP and Wang Hongwei who relies on the CCP."

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Speaking of the excitement, Wang Jiemin expressed even more decibelly: "The second generation in other provinces in Taiwan, your parents came to Taiwan to escape the CCP; Taiwan raised you, how can you turn back and love the CCP!" Now, he wants to take With a blank sheet of paper, we must also oppose Wang Hongwei.

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