[Reporter Yi Huici/Comprehensive Report] Internet celebrity "Curator" Chen Zhihan and Huang Guochang had a live broadcast a few days ago, targeting the DPP as "underworld ruling the country". Recently, some netizens dug up his live broadcast in 2017. He said, "Taiwan is young One-third of people have been in gangsters." A netizen posted a post asking, "Isn't there gangsters everywhere?"

It triggered a heated discussion and questioned "I don't know where he got the data? It's probably a random bluff."


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The original PO posted a live video of the curator on PTT, saying, "The curator said live in 2017 that one-third of young people in Taiwan have been gangsters. Is this too exaggerated? Isn't it that there are gangsters everywhere? Is he He is spreading rumors and intimidating, and he just said it without evidence.”

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The curator said at the time, "Young people in Taiwan! One-third of them have been gangsters, and everyone is a gangster. I am local, and I have been in several classes for several years." Check the notification, sometimes pointing out), who am I taking the lead? Who is (is there) in our class?

However, netizens commented enthusiastically questioning that he was "bluffing", "most of them are fart kids, and there are very few who are really gangsters", "the junior high school I went to was full of them, but they really have a lot to do with the gangsters" Few, most of them are just farts", "The stratosphere is different, you go to National Taiwan University to ask, it should be less than one percent", "One-third is too exaggerated, even one-hundredth is considered high , the most hooligans in the school are farts", "He is talking about the underworld stratosphere", "One-third, probably all who can speak dirty words are classified as underworld", "Not loving school does not mean being a gangster It’s like that”, “Based on his life circle, I think one-third is a bit low”.

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