Kate Middleton (left) and Prince William.


[Entertainment Channel/Comprehensive Report] British Princess Kate (Catherine Elizabeth Middleton, HRH Catherine, Princess of Wales) and Prince William (also known as Prince of Wales, HRH William, Prince of Wales) attended the event together. Princess Kate challenged the green dress, The 40-year-old's real figure is all in the light, and netizens shouted: "William is very lucky."

Princess Kate (left) is 40 years old and her real figure is fully visible.


Princess Kate (centre) wears the emerald necklace that Princess Diana once wore.


Princess Kate wore a green flat dress to participate in the "The Earthshot Prize" awards ceremony established by Prince William. The purpose of the ceremony was to honor people, ideas or projects that have contributed to preventing global warming. , deliberately put on an unruly bright green dress, and even brought the emeralds worn by Princess Diana (Diana, Princess of Wales), looking very charming.

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Many consider Prince William (right) lucky to marry Kate Middleton (left).


Princess Kate's great weapon makes her 40-year-old slim and tall, she is completely unlike a mother who has given birth to 3 children. Netizens praised: "The prince married Kate is really a glory for the country", "Why can I have a baby?" The three don't have a belly?", "Elegant princess, even the royal reporter said William is very lucky...", "She wears a one-piece color that can highlight her tall lines."

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