Netflix's "Harry and Meghan" released a trailer last week, which is considered to be deliberately sabotaging Prince William and Princess Kate's trip to the United States.

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Britain's Prince William (HRH William, Prince of Wales) and Princess Kate (HRH Catherine, Princess of Wales) visited Boston, the United States last week after eight years, but Harry and Meghan chose to release the Netflix " Harry and Meghan" trailer, this move is considered to be a public "declaration of war" to deliberately sabotage William and Kate's trip to the United States.

Princess Kate's trip to the United States was welcomed by the local people.

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According to the British media "Mirror" report, Prince William is already tired of the royal family's "never complain, never explain" principle. King Charles III, Prince William and royal staff are currently discussing the documentary. Prepare for potentially explosive remarks, with a royal insider claiming: "If there is a need to respond to anything in the video then you can rest assured our response will be swift and strong."

According to royal sources, Prince William will fight back against possible false statements made by Meghan and Harry.


Meghan and Harry picked up yet another nickname "Kardashians" from royal staff long before the release of the "Harry & Meghan" trailer, as they wanted to get as much as possible All attention.

Netflix's Harry & Meghan airs this week.

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"Harry and Meghan" is expected to be broadcast this week. In the trailer, Harry and Meghan not only released a number of private photos, including two people kissing, dancing, and Prince Harry's affection Playing the piano, and there is a beautiful pregnancy photo of Megan, but when the camera turns, it shows the scene of Megan covering her face and crying, with Harry's narration saying: "The door is closed, no one sees what happened." Video Finally, it was brought to the British Association Day celebration. Princess Kate stared at the camera with indifference, while Meghan sat behind with an innocent face, which was very provocative.

In the trailer, there is a picture of Princess Kate staring at the camera with cold eyes, which is full of provocation.

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