Walt Elias Disney was born in Chicago.

Among his ancestors were people of different nationalities - Germans, Irish and English - who came to the New World in search of a better - and fuller - life.

For the same purpose, Walt's parents often moved from place to place - the family lived very poorly.

The boy started working at four o'clock - before the start of classes at school, he delivered newspapers, why did he have to get up at half past four in the morning.

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When the First World War began, Disney was only thirteen years old, but he was desperately rushing to the front.

Three years later, when he turned 16, he left school and came to the Military Commissariat with a demand to be sent to Europe.

Having agreed to the position of an ambulance driver in the Red Cross, he sailed to France and traveled the roads of this country for a whole year.

Disney had the most notable car - Walt, who loved to draw, painted it with funny drawings and caricatures.

In his youth, Disney tried to become a journalist and even got a job at a newspaper, but was soon fired from there with a harsh verdict: lack of creative talent.

A small Disney Brothers Cartoon Studio was founded on October 16, 1923, today it is called The Walt Disney Company, is valued at 43 billion dollars and earns 1110 dollars in one (!) second.

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The first films of the Walt Disney studio were the adventures of Alice from the works of Lewis Carroll.

The first commercially successful and popular Disney character was Oswald the rabbit, but he was taken away from Disney by an unscrupulous producer.

Instead, he created a Mickey Mouse mouse that made its creator rich and famous all over the world.

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Disney originally wanted to call Mickey Mouse Mortimer.

He was dissuaded from such a decision by his wife, Lillian, who said that the name Mickey is much more suitable for a cartoon mouse than the heavy Mortimer.

But the name did not disappear - it went to the rival of the main character, who claims the reciprocity of his beloved mouse Minnie.

Mouse was voiced by Disney himself from 1928 to 1947, after which he was replaced by actor Jimmy MacDonald.

Disney was the first to make a full-length animated film - it was the fairy tale "Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs".

The company's employees did not support Disney - they were sure that the project would fail at the box office and even - of course, secretly from their boss - called it "Disney's Folly".

However, they were wrong: on the day of its release, "Snow White" collected 8 million dollars, which was an incredible amount for those times.

By the way, a similar story happened with the film of the Disney studio, made several decades after the death of its founder - "The Lion King".

Many of those who worked on it were sure that the film was waiting for failure.

To date, this is the highest-grossing animated film in the history of animation.

Walt Disney was a staunch anti-communist.

He became one of the founders of the anti-communist movement Motion Picture Alliance, which included representatives of the creative intelligentsia, which stands for traditional American values ​​and ideals.

In Disneyland, which is located in New Orleans, there is the famous "Club 33", in which - the only one among all Disneyland parks, alcohol is served to visitors.

It is more difficult to become a member than to get into closed English gentlemen's clubs - to become a member, you have to wait 14 years.

The idea of ​​creating such an establishment occurred to Disney himself - he wanted the sponsors of his park to have somewhere to eat, drink and socialize.

The famous cartoonist did not live to see the project implemented, so he did not come up with a name for his club.

It included the main sponsors of Disneyland - "Coca-Cola", "Kodak", "General Motors", "Bank of America", there were only 33 of them - so it was decided to name the club.

Disney is the winner of the largest number of "Oscars" in the entire history of the American Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences - he was nominated for it in 59 nominations and received 22 of them.

Walt Disney's favorite aphorism: "He who can dream, can make his dreams come true."

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