According to WOW Facial expert and founder Claire Williams, the Queen Consort uses some beauty rituals to keep her looking younger.

The expert told that Camilla has good genetics, but there are a number of factors that go into achieving this youthful look.

"In addition to cosmetic procedures, Camilla's flawless appearance can also be attributed to a strict skin care regimen, a balanced diet and sunscreen," said Claire.

Queen Camilla / Photo: Associated Press

The Queen Consort is said to maintain a varied and healthy diet at the palace and may consume mostly organic produce, just like King Charles.

King Charles, who has been a passionate advocate for the environment for many years, has his own organic farm and a few years ago he founded Duchy Originals, an eco-friendly food and drink brand.

Camilla also strictly adheres to the rules of skin care in the morning and in the evening.

It is possible that she does not neglect peeling and uses rejuvenating moisturizers and serums before going to bed.

And in the mandatory skin care, Camilla has a sunscreen, which she uses even in winter.

This is one of the best and easiest ways to protect the appearance and health of your skin at any age.

Queen Camilla / Photo: Associated Press

Interesting fact, Queen Camilla smoked for many years, but in 2001, thanks to health guru Mosaraf Ali, she was able to get rid of this habit.

And it certainly helped her skin look better.

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