Liang Zhe and his wife have been married for 11 years, have two daughters, and have a happy family life.

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[Entertainment Channel/Comprehensive Report] Actor Liangzhe has been married for 11 years, has two daughters, and has a happy family life. Recently, he left home to participate in the triathlon competition. He sent a photo to his wife to report the itinerary. Unexpectedly, the same bed was surprised to see other His wife immediately asked him to explain clearly, but he also shouted helplessly, "Almost got married."

Liang Zhe posted on the 5th today, "Because I went to Dapeng Bay to participate in the triathlon, and stayed at a friend's house with my teammates. The next morning, I still wanted to say that I was very good. A horrifying conversation, and almost got married..." Seeing the back of a long-haired man in the photo, my wife immediately asked, "Why is there a woman lying next to you, please explain it carefully!"

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Liang Zhe sent a photo to his wife and reported it, which almost triggered a marital crisis.

(Reposted from Liangzhe's Facebook page)

After being frightened, Liangzhe immediately explained to his wife. When he took a frontal photo, he found that it was a man with a beard, and left a helpless text: "That's jojo...." , the wife found out after understanding the situation that it was an oolong, which made the two dumbfounded. Liang Zhe also left a joke saying: "Dapeng Bay almost became a lake of sad love", which amused many fans.

After learning the truth, Liangzhe's wife found out that it was an oolong, which made them dumbfounded.

(Reposted from Liangzhe Facebook)

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