Ihar Sluchok

notes that the book "10 Centuries of Statehood and Discrimination of the Belarusian Language" contains a lot of information that cannot be found anywhere else.

The first part of the book deals with the general understanding of the state language policy and its types, multilingualism within one country and the struggle of languages ​​among themselves, their rise and fall, revival and disappearance.

The second part of the book gives examples of some multilingual countries, where the civilized coexistence of two or more state languages ​​is shown, the problems that arise in such states and methods of solving them, as well as the legislation that protects the rights of speakers of a particular state language.

Ihar Sluchok with a book

"Language is the only thing that definitely distinguishes one nation from another.

Language creates and strengthens statehood.

Language unites and strengthens the people.

For this reason, modern barbarians, having captured and destroyed a city, territory or country, first of all replace street signs, where instead of the language of the captured people, the language of the aggressor appears.

After all, the language on the signs is the most obvious sign that there is another government, another state and another people on this earth.

Therefore, it should be remembered that as long as the Belarusian language lives, so will Belarus," Ihar Sluchok wrote.

The lawyer noted that the book was written in Belarus and published with the support of Belarusians.

The book "10 Centuries of Statehood and Discrimination of the Belarusian Language" can be purchased by writing to the author.