[Reporter Li Shaoling/Taipei Report] Jingxuan joined TTV's 8 o'clock program "Beautiful Life and High Aspirations", playing the villain "An Qi" and dealing with Zhang Yanming and Tian Jiada.

Jing Xuan happily described his mood: "Excited and a little nervous, because most of the actors have never worked with them before, and I feel a bit like transfer students, freshmen, and I am looking forward to how it will feel to play with everyone. "

Jing Xuan joined "A Beautiful Life and High Aspirations", playing the role of the villain "An Qi".

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In Jingxuan's play, she portrays a sweet girl who looks innocent and harmless. In fact, she is a deep and scheming villain behind her back. She revealed that the crew once asked her if she would mind the role of a villain. She laughed and shouted: "Not at all! The image of "silly, white and sweet" has appeared, and I have recently started to try villain roles, and I feel that it is also a challenge for myself, and I hope I can interpret this role well."

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Jing Xuan (right) had many scenes with Zhang Yanming in "A Beautiful Life and High Aspirations".

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Jingxuan approached Zhang Yanming and Tian Jiada with malicious intentions in the drama, and the plot reached a new climax. She revealed that it was the first time to cooperate with the two male gods. Because she was a "transfer student", she also deliberately Then find out the drama and watch it, and do homework on the background and characteristics of the characters, and said with a smile: "Both of them are my seniors, and they get along very kindly. There is not much need for a transitional period of running-in at the beginning. I believe that in the future There are more sparks."

Jingxuan joined "Beautiful Life and High Aspirations", describing his mood as nervous as a transfer student.

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Jingxuan was recuperating at home for a period of time due to dental surgery a while ago. Fans are very concerned about her condition. She revealed that she is currently in good health, as long as she returns to the clinic regularly. She also took a scotch whiskey certification course during her break. And obtain the relevant certificates, life is quite fulfilling.

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