Long-time abbot

Pyotr Prokaptsov

will be replaced by

Giorgii Borodin


As the Gomel publication "Flagstock" reported, the formal reason for the replacement of Pyotr Prokaptsov was his departure to Poland without the bishop's permission.

Sources of the publication claim that Father Piotr was acutely aware of Russia's aggression against Ukraine.

"For through his village of Prybytki, equipment drove to kill, helicopters flew to carry death.

How can services be held calmly in such conditions – as if nothing is happening?

There are believers who stopped coming to church services because they did not want to remember Patriarch Kirill in their prayers, because he openly supported the aggression.

Because of this, some do not want to have anything to do with the Russian Orthodox Church."

The priest wanted to leave for a while to somehow come to his senses, but the bishop did not give permission for this.

And in general, the main representatives of the church began to serve not God, but the government, - the publication quoted its informed source.

According to preliminary information, the priest was completely dismissed from service in the diocese and was not offered a new place of service - he was left without means of subsistence.