The service was held in honor of the golden jubilee of the reign of Queen Margrethe II after her accession to the throne on January 14, 1972.

Her Majesty arrived at the event in a bright red jacket, under which she wore a burgundy dress with a straight silhouette, a matching two-tone hat and wedged suede shoes.

Queen Margrethe II / Photo: Getty Images

In her hands, the queen carried a bouquet of flowers presented to her and leather gloves, and on her shoulder hung a bag, which was also perfectly matched to the tone of the outfit.

The monarch had a brooch pinned on her chest, earrings with dark burgundy stones sparkled in her ears, the queen wore glasses and applied bright lipstick on her lips.

Margrethe II greeted the audience and waved to people.

It should be noted that the name of the Queen of Denmark is now in the news due to the fact that she decided to deprive her grandchildren of their titles on January 1, 2023, although not all of them.

Her eldest son, Crown Prince Frederik, recently commented for the first time on his mother's decision, Queen Margrethe II.

Queen Margrethe II / Photo: Getty Images

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