The nutritionist said that all age groups should pay attention to life and eating habits, so as not to become a potential risk group for high blood pressure and high blood lipids; the picture is a schematic diagram.

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[Health Channel/Comprehensive Report] As the weather gets colder, the sounds of ambulances become more and more frequent.

Nutritionist Gao Minmin said that high blood pressure and high blood fat are silent killers of health that should not be underestimated, and people of all ages should pay attention to their living and eating habits so as not to become potential risk groups.

She suggested that patients with hyperlipidemia can follow 3 to eat more and 3 to avoid; in addition, DASH diet (DASH) can be used to control high blood pressure, but it should be consulted with a nutritionist or physician before proceeding, and diabetics and kidney patients are not suitable for this diet .

psychogenic shock

Gao Minmin posted on the Facebook fan page "Gao Minmin Nutritionist" that psychogenic shock is mainly due to poor heart function, which causes blood flow to fail to supply the body's needs, blood pressure drops, and coma shock occurs.

High-risk groups include frequent smokers, alcoholics, high blood pressure, high blood fat, high blood sugar, history of heart disease, and congenital heart disease.

In addition, if young people stay up late for a long time, live under high pressure, and have bad living habits, they may also cause cardiovascular diseases and become a potential risk group for psychogenic shock.

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Gao Minmin explained that hyperlipidemia may be caused by high blood cholesterol or triglycerides, high bad cholesterol or too little good cholesterol.

Abnormal blood lipids, whether single or combined, are risk factors for atherosclerosis, and the prevalence of high blood lipids is far more frightening than imagined (about 1 in every 5 people has hyperlipidemia).

In addition to cardiogenic shock, it may also cause myocardial infarction, stroke, kidney disease, peripheral arterial disease, and pancreatitis.

She pointed out that in addition to hyperlipidemia, high blood pressure is also one of the troubles of modern people.

According to statistics from the World Health Organization (WHO), high blood pressure is the most common chronic disease in the world; the National Health Service also found that about 1 out of 4 people in Taiwan is hypertensive, and people of all ages may suffer from high blood pressure .

Diagram of dietary advice for patients with hyperlipidemia.

(The picture is taken from Gao Minmin’s Facebook page)

Patients with hyperlipidemia should 3 eat more and 3 not

Gao Minmin said that to prevent psychogenic shock, you must first avoid the two silent killers of high blood pressure and high blood fat. Among them, patients with high blood fat should pay attention to diet control. You can follow 3 eat more and 3 don't:

3 eat more

1. Use more steaming, boiling, stewing, roasting, and stewing, and avoid frying, frying, and pastry.

2. Don't smell the oil and change color, because good oil will help metabolize bad oil, and use vegetable oil when cooking, such as rapeseed oil, olive oil, bitter tea oil, etc., and avoid excessive seasoning.

3. Eat more fiber-containing foods, such as various vegetables and unrefined whole grains.

●3 don't

1. Do not eat fatty meat, fat skin, animal offal, and processed meat, and use low-fat, high-protein foods as the main source of intake.

2. No smoking or drinking.

3. Don't be too fat, maintain ideal weight (kg) = 22 x height (meter) squared.

Deshu diet to control high blood pressure

In addition to drug control, changing the diet is a good medicine to fight against high blood pressure.

Gao Minmin suggested that you can use the Deshu diet.

The DASH diet comes from DASH (Dietary Approaches to Stop Hypertension) in "DASH Diet", which means a diet that uses dietary methods to prevent high blood pressure.

Follow the 5 dietary principles:

●Eat unrefined whole grains:

replace refined starches such as rice and noodles with unrefined whole grains.

For example, sweet potatoes, potatoes, pumpkins, brown rice and other ingredients are good unrefined starches.

●5 servings of vegetables and 5 servings of fruit per day:

1 serving of vegetables is about half a bowl cooked, and 1 serving of fruit is about 8 minutes in a bowl.

●2 cups of dairy products per day:

such as milk, yogurt, yogurt, cheese, etc.

Change red meat to white meat and soy products:

eat less than or equal to 6 servings a day.

●Use good oil, eat less sweets and fat:

good oil can be vegetable oil and nuts as the main source of intake; for sweets, it is recommended to replace desserts containing refined sugar with fruits or nuts, yogurt, etc.

DASH Diet Chart.

(The picture is taken from Gao Minmin’s Facebook page)

Gao Minmin said that the Deshu diet does not have too many restrictions. Eat more unrefined whole grains, vegetables, fruits, etc., supplement more dairy products and eat white meat, and blood pressure can be controlled.

She pointed out that the Deshu diet can effectively lower blood pressure and improve health, mainly because high blood pressure can cause arteriosclerosis to lose elasticity, resulting in poor blood exchange capacity of the brain, kidneys and other organs, which in turn leads to heart disease, kidney disease, stroke, and blindness risks , while the Deshu diet can effectively control the increase in blood pressure.

However, Gao Minmin reminded that although the DASH diet can help health, it is not suitable for everyone. For example, the DASH diet has too much fruit intake, which may pose a threat to the blood sugar of diabetics, and it is not good for kidney patients who need to control potassium. .

She recommends consulting with a nutritionist or physician before starting the DASH diet.

In addition, if the blood pressure drops after the execution, do not stop the medicine by yourself. Whether you can reduce the medicine or stop the medicine must follow the doctor's instructions.

Gao Minmin appealed that correct eating habits should be established to reduce the risk factors that induce cardiovascular diseases.

Nutritionist Gao Minmin.

(Provided by Gao Minmin)

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