The period is full and the coming days after it will be filled with contacts, communication, meetings with old acquaintances and friends.

Many problems and tasks will be solved during the period of the waning Moon, which will begin on December 9 and end with the new moon on December 23, because it will be easier to adapt to life circumstances, says

astrologer Marina Skadi (Marina Sokolova)


This is a special full moon because it is aspected by

retrograde Mars

, which means that themes from the past will become important in the present.

Long-started, tedious and sluggish affairs will require attention.

Maybe it's time to go back to the unfinished course of study, put in a little effort and finish it, pass the exam and get a certificate, rights and other permits.

Everything you do in the near future will definitely come in handy in the future.

At the moment when the full moon and the Sun are in opposite signs, that is, if we divide the full circle that makes up the zodiac and has a circumference of 360 degrees by 2, we get 180 degrees: the aspect is opposition.

The deuce symbolizes two beginnings, two opposites, difference and complementarity, like Yang and Yin.

The luminaries will manifest themselves in this aspect similarly - through opposition, contradiction to the creation of a whole (complete).

The deuce is an active source of oscillations, so the opposition is associated with ruptures, destructions as a kind of test, having passed through how a person receives addition, compensation and harmony.

On full days, you have to try very hard to find a balance point between the inner and outer, between the family and the social sphere of life.

However, in reality it is very difficult to do.

You need to make a choice, weigh all the pros and cons,

Gemini is an Air sign, active, associated with thinking and communication, but to achieve large-scale goals, you need someone who leads.

But during the period of its maximum manifestation, for example, during the full moon, you can successfully and skillfully cope with daily affairs, increasing the level of comfort in your life.

Full December 8 will create an atmosphere of commotion and worries, there may be a need to adjust something at work, make changes.

Many people during this period tend to do several things at once, but it is unlikely that they will all be completed.

Therefore, no matter how much you want to complete a million tasks at once, choose the most significant for you, but no more than two or three.

Since full and retro Mars are practically in the same degree of Gemini, these planetary interactions create special energy flows that promote emotional behavior.

These days there is unhealthy competition and an atmosphere of conflict, tension is felt in teams, in relations with relatives and neighbors.

If possible, avoid being in public places, in city transport.

Be extremely careful on the roads, both as a driver and as a pedestrian.

On the Full Moon on December 8 and in the coming days after it, many people in their conversations and actions tend to react negatively to the most innocent situation.

A full moon in Gemini has a favorable effect on the mental space, processes taking place in the intellectual sphere.

A good time for in-depth study of the material of interest, foreign languages, self-knowledge.

An increase in emotionality on full days prevents you from seeing your goal and achieving it.

A wise person, a teacher who is nearby, will help set the right direction and guide you towards the successful realization of your dreams.

In order to always be resourceful and not lose heart in the most critical situations, it is important to develop the ability to set short, specific and important tasks, achieve them, and then set new ones, consistently moving towards a higher goal.

And a full moon in Gemini creates the best conditions for this.

Exupery's "Prayer", written in one of the most difficult moments of his life, called "The Art of Small Steps" is working well now.

This full moon makes it possible to gradually solve life's tasks, will help to develop the ability to adapt to new circumstances and gently adjust external circumstances to fit your plans.

Thursday is the most favorable day of the week, because this day is ruled by Jupiter, the largest planet in the solar system.

The symbols of this day are talent, spirituality, wealth.

Until December 21, Jupiter moves through the sign of Pisces, where it has a strong status.

On Thursday, December 8, the full moon will take place, so the results of what happens on this day in the future will be useful and inspire new achievements.

Mercury, which rules the sign of Gemini, is in Capricorn on the full day of December 8, the highest point of the horoscope, a sign of realists, wise people who are able to set a goal and achieve it.

In this sign, the Winter Solstice takes place every year - the birth of a new Sun.

Full in Gemini under the control of Mercury in Capricorn will help to move from theory to concrete actions and develop practical thinking.

In numerology, the number 8 transforms something that has already developed enough and cannot be improved in this way anymore, transforming one type of energy into another.

Eight weighs, measures, collects and evaluates.

Task 8 - to announce the result, the result of the completed stages, limit the manifestation further, because in its manifestation, this figure makes a conclusion.

A peculiar work to the power of a concentrated and strictly symmetrical figure, created by two intersecting squares (2x4), or four segments, which resembles the spokes of a rotating wheel.

You can also imagine the eight as a lemniscate, symbolizing infinity.

Two opposites (2) appeared in each element (4 - fire, earth, air, water), in each season - 4 seasons in nature.

The Wheel of the Year is an annual cycle of eight festive days associated with the solar calendar.

8 is the moment of "harvest",

Fullness in Gemini promotes changeability, the manifestation of a certain duality of nature.

People in this period are able to assess the situation simultaneously from two sides, can feel hatred and love at the same time.

This is a time of struggle in the human soul, a war of feelings and mind, but, in general, Gemini is a sign of intellectual abilities, easy and friendly, so nothing dramatic should happen.

A lot of different information will appear in the information space, but it is important to learn to perceive everything you hear in proportions of 50/50.

Trust only verified sources and confirmed facts, prepare for the New Year and do not pay attention to propaganda activities - this is how you will preserve your mental health and clear head.

The period from the full moon on December 8 to the month of December 23 (the days of the waning Moon) is favorable for completing things without haste, preparing the basis for future endeavors and welcoming 2023 in a good mood.

A great opportunity to sort out confusing situations and free yourself from what is preventing you from moving forward.

For representatives of the element of Air, a fullness in Gemini will be a catalyst for many processes — it will be difficult to find time for rest in the near future, because current relationships are very important for the future.

You are in the center of events and set the background for what is happening around you, your ability to influence the environment and shape public opinion increases.

People born under other signs will be able to plan their time more smoothly and evenly and will have maximum benefits during the period of the full and waning Moon, the main thing is to take into account the recommendations given in this publication.

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