KMT legislator candidate Wang Hongwei attended the opening ceremony of Guangci Boai Park, Xinyi District Administrative Center and Weifu Building in Xinyi District, Taipei City on the 5th.

(File photo, photo by reporter Tian Yuhua)

[Reporter Lin Nangu/Taipei Report] Taipei City Councilor Wang Hongwei was choked up, and the one who openly opposed him was TV personality Wang Jiemin!

The mayoral election campaign in Taipei came to an end, and the by-elections for the legislators of Taipei’s third constituency (Northern Songshan and Zhongshan District) followed. "It was praised. In fact, before this, Wang Jiemin bombarded Wang Hongwei as a politician born for personal interests.

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Wang Jiemin publicly accused Wang Hongwei on his personal Facebook of having no chance in the New Party in 2013 and leaving the KMT; in 2020, China Central Television did not recognize the Republic of China, but when she returned to Taiwan, she shouted the Republic of China, "2022 she shouted to save her re-election, and turned her back on her supporters after 7 days At one point, he said that he would resolutely not accept the call for a by-election of legislators, and the next day he would resolutely accept the call for a by-election of legislators."

For Wang Hongwei's behavior along the way, Wang Jiemin disdained to bombard her with 4 words: "Forget righteousness for profit!"

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