Hlybock local historian

Kastus Shytal

reported on the arrests in the Braslav district of the Vitebsk region, which took place a few days ago.

"They took away the family of farmers



Yuliya Korolev

, as well as

Alena Selyakh

(the same one who raised wolves).

The women were allegedly already released.

I am trying to find out the names of the other detainees," Kastus Shytal wrote on Facebook.

On November 24, it became known about the "roundup" of GUBAZIK in Postavy, Vitebsk region.

At least 11 people were searched in Postavy.

Three were detained, and the security forces took one to Minsk.

Locals call the protests of 2020 and the criticism of the head of the district the reason for the mass persecution of the residents of Postavy.