[Reporter Zhong Zhikai/Taipei Report] Chinese lawyers are concerned about the divorce news of Big S and Wang Xiaofei. Regarding Zhang Lan's previous accusation of big S bigamy, the Chinese lawyer wrote a thousand-character article on Weibo, mentioning that Big S did not break the law.

Big S married Gu Junye in March this year. Lawyer Deng Gaojing of "Shanghai Dehe Hantong Law Firm" pointed out that the fact that the divorce is not done in China will not hinder the dissolution of the marriage. , the mainland judiciary also recognizes that, whether it is based on mainland law or Taiwan law, you will not constitute a crime of bigamy." Therefore, Zhang Lan's accusation is slap in the face.

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The divorce agreement of Big S (right) was exposed without authorization by Wang Xiaofei. He showed weakness urgently but deleted the post in seconds.

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The lawyer also found that Wang Xiaofei did not abide by the divorce agreement and refused to pay the child support of 5 million yuan. Instead, she complained to Zhang Lan that the big S remarried and asked to pay the electricity bill. You are the green tea, it seems that you are the one who owes the money and does not pay it, not him.”

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