Announced that he had been single for 4 years, no one came to flirt with him, but at Baifern-Pimchanok

Hundreds don't think, thousands don't think.

Suddenly, the person who bursts in to confess his love turns out to be the closest person like Mr. Naphat!

Before this, when Mr. Open-minded gave an interview, the media already thanked Young-Kanchai as Cupid. When it came to Baifern, he still thanked the young elder, "otherwise no one would have confessed to me."

As a result of Mr. Announcing flirting with Baifern, "Friend Zone, be careful ... End of friends", the first movie of the two

Being watched by people on Netflix until it was ranked 6th in the list of hits.

Westerners have to flee Korea and still have to hide for the movies.

"Bupphesanniwat 2", which was released on Netflix on December 1, after 4-5 days, it made a record of viewers surpassing every movie, taking the number 1 spot beautifully.

After grabbing to become the hero of the MV, the song that he sang and was the heroine himself, the latest Lula-Kanyarat

Post a picture with Phillips The Face with a caption, my girlfriend is very shy ... launching a new one like this.