We are probably talking about Artyom Dubsky.

In his videos (for the Polish audience), he insults Ukrainians, admires the letter Z in Warsaw, announces a trip to Russia to people who are fighting against Ukraine.

In fact, on the initiative of other Belarusians in Warsaw, the Center for Monitoring Racism and Xenophobia became interested in Dubsky.

The center complained about him to the prosecutor's office because of his harassment of Ukrainians, threats of physical violence and ties to pro-Russian forces.

When Ukrainians protested in Warsaw against the participation of the Russian ambassador in the celebrations on the occasion of May 9, Artem D. appeared on the scene and called them "fascists" and "Bandera people".

Dubsky, a former political prisoner and member of the Young Front, also recorded all this on video, commented and posted it on YouTube.

These shots were later shown on BT as the thoughts of "ordinary citizens".

The center states that Dubsky repeatedly publicly insulted Ukrainian refugees, praised Putin and the war against Ukraine.

The center also reports that Dubsky tried to involve him in his provocations.

"He came to our office, vaguely explained that he was allegedly being persecuted because of his nationality, claimed that he had evidence, but did not want to present it.

Then he recorded a video, trying to prove that we are not doing anything for the "victim" of a hate crime based on a national character," says the Center.

The center received a notification from the prosecutor's office that the indictment against Dubsky was sent to the Warsaw district court.

  • In the mid-2000s, Artyom Dubsky headed the "Young Front" community in Asipovichi.

    He was involved in the high-profile "14" case, in which youth activists were tried for participating in a rally of entrepreneurs in Minsk.

    He lived in Ukraine for some time, after returning to Belarus he was imprisoned, and after his release in 2010 he went to Ukraine again.

    Last autumn, the apartment where he lived was searched.

    Ukrainian security forces searched for drugs and weapons, after three days Dubsky was released without charge.

    After that, he tried to obtain international protection from the Ukrainian and Belarusian security forces through the UN.

    And the next year he went to live in Poland.

  • In Poland, as Dubsky says about himself, he is not interested in politics, he is engaged in business and blogging.